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Mission Statement:

The Iranian Jewish Women's Organization of Southern California, having its roots in Iran since 1947, was founded in Los Angeles in 1976. The objective of this organization has been to protect the dual identity of the Iranian Jewish community in Los Angeles, as well as to recognize the impact and role of Iranian Jewish women in society.

Since its inception, the Iranian Jewish Women's Organization has fulfilled its objectives by independently pursuing cultural, community, social and charitable activities.

In pursuit of our mission in the past, and at present, jointly with the Cultural Foundation in New York and the Iranian Rabbinic Council of California, we have taken preventive steps with regard to get and agunhah. For the past ten years, such solutions, based upon authoritative rulings of leading rabbis, have been implemented by both observant Ashkenazic and Sephardic religious authorities, with regard to get (Jewish divorce) and agunhah (women whose marriages are suspended or have been legally terminated in civil court, but not “legally” dissolved according to Jewish law). In the pre-nuptial agreements, halakhically not in conflict with the Ketubah, both bride and groom agree to allow an authorized orthodox religious panel to arbitrate and to issue a final decision regarding the husband’s obligation to give a get. At present, such legally enforceable and religiously acceptable agreements seem to be the best preventive solution for the problems

Some of the annul local activities of the organization are the celebration of Hannukah, Purim and Nurouz, honoring the Progressive Women of the Year, Mother of the Year and the Honored Man of the Year, as well as the recent installation ceremony of the New Presidents. Such activities are the main sources of our income and enables us offer charitable and medical aid to needy people in case of emergency.

In addition to the above mentioned activities in Los Angeles, the Iranian Jewish Women's Organization is a loyal and devoted supporter of the State of Israel. Moreover, due to their national ties with Iran, they will always feel attached to the Iranian people and promote, cherish and protect the Iranian cultural heritage.

Our New Chapters

Beginning in 2002, three new chapters were added to the central organization to reach women of all generations and professional status:

  1. Women of Vision chapter's mission is to promote contemporary Iranian Jewish American women in their professional and personal endeavors; to enhance their self-esteem and image by encouraging education, providing a network of resources and offering support; and, to document the long overlooked past accomplishments of Iranian Jewish women and ensure their present and future achievements.
  2. Mothers for Tomorrow chapter's mission is to focus on the issues associated with the up-bringing of the future generation. Activities of this chapter include organizing social and community events to preserve the values of the Iranian Jewish cultural heritage as well as charitable works.
  3. The Next Generation chapter's objectives are to create a sense of continuity and community in the younger generations through promoting Jewish and Iranian education, social action and creating a community of young women with common goals and principles. To ensure the continued involvement of future generations and the continuity of the Iranian Jewish Women's Organization, representatives of this group will always remain an active part of UCLA Hillel's Iranian Student's Group.

The Executive Board Members of Iranian Jewish Women’s Organization